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Power Ranking The IndyCar Field After St. Petersburg

Each week, eleven IndyCar bloggers come together to power rank the IndyCar field after that weekend's race. 

2015 Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg: Live Blog, Analysis

Race Notes: Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

The 2015 IndyCar season gets rolling in St. Petersburg for the fifth year in a row on Sunday.

Race Notes: Malaysian Grand Prix

Formula One heads to Malaysia on Sunday with Lewis Hamilton in control of the points so far. The Briton won the event last year on his way to claiming his second world driver's championship. He'll be looking for more of the same this year. 

Qualifying: Saturday, 5 a.m. ETRace: Sunday, 3 a.m. ET

Supplement Your IndyCar Viewing Experience With Our Live Blog

The IndyCar season gets started this Sunday on the streets of St. Petersburg. It's the start of the battle for the 2015 championship which Will Power will hope to win for the second year in a row. Single Seater will be trying something new for the race. In addition to our race notes which will come out on Saturday, we will host a live blog for the race itself.

But no, this won't be your average, generic live blog. At Single Seater, we are devoted to data journalism and statistics, and that's exactly what our live blog will be like. Turn on the TV and pull up our stat-based live blog as a nice supplement.  

Instead of just highlighting what's going on in the race, our live blog will talk about statistics, race strategy, and other interesting topics surrounding the race. We'll talk about tire data, caution stats, and why Will Power pitted when he did. If you have any questions throughout the race, you can leave them in the comments during the live blog and we'll tr…

A Look Inside an IndyCar Cockpit

IndyCars have some of the most advanced cockpits of any racing series. There are paddle-shifters, gear lights, fuel-map switches, and a plethora of other buttons to deal with. At the open test at Barber Motorsports Park, we got a chance to look inside some of the cockpits of the cars and see just how busy they really are. 

Below are some shots of the cockpits of the machines. Hover over images for more information. All photos courtesy of Chris Owens, IndyCar PR.

Technical Image Collection: Barber Motorsports Park Testing - Tuesday

A look at some technical images from aero kit testing at Barber Motorsports Park on Tuesday, March 17th.

Hover over images to read a description of the picture and click the image to enlarge it.

All photos courtesy of Chris Jones, Chris Owens/IndyCar PR.

Tech Focus: Onboard Track Position Indicator Being Tested

IndyCar has been experimenting with an onboard position indicator during testing sessions at Barber Motorsports Park. The eight by seven inch panel will sit on either side of the airbox and show the driver's current position on track. The panel is supposed to help fans not near a scoring pylon or video screen. 

The screen will show current place, positions lost or gained on a given lap, and when push to pass is being used (via a green screen) depending on the setup. Brightness can be changed based on time of day, speed, and location on the track for the best viewing experience. The board being tested is three millimeters thick, barely adding a profile to the airbox. 

Technical Image Collection: Barber Motorsports Park Testing - Monday

A look at some technical images from aero kit testing at Barber Motorsports Park on Monday, March 16th.

Hover over images to read a description of the picture and click the image to enlarge it.

All photos courtesy of Chris Jones, Chris Owens/IndyCar PR, and Mike Kitchel (third image).

Tech Focus: Schmidt Peterson Runs Two Different Top Flicks in Testing

Schmidt Peterson Motorsports tested two different flick designs at NOLA Motorsports Park on Saturday during the open testing session. James Hinchcliffe and James Jakes each took their cars out to run laps throughout the day.

The two machines featured different designs of the top flick element. Jakes ran the stock Honda aero kit look with a full flick on top of the rear bumper. You can see that design below. Hinchcliffe's car had no top flick at all, the rear bumper was flush with the tire and had no mount on top of it. 

Tech Focus: Chip Ganassi Racing Remove Upper Flick from Aero Kit

IndyCar teams had a chance to test their aero kits for the first time on Saturday at NOLA Motorsports Park in Louisiana. One of the features of aero kits this year is the ability for teams to remove and change components on their car to separate themselves from other teams with the same manufacturer. 

Chip Ganassi Racing was one of the first teams we saw that chose to make changes to their kit. CGR removed the upper flick element that sits on the side-pod of Chevy's kit. The No. 9 machine ran without the component for all of the session on Saturday. 

Technical Image Collection: NOLA Motorsports Park Testing - Saturday

A look at some technical images from aero kit testing at NOLA Motorsports Park on Saturday, March 14th. 

Hover over images to read a description of the picture and click the image to enlarge it. 

All photos courtesy of Chris Owens/IndyCar PR 

Race Notes: Australian Grand Prix

The 2015 Formula One season kicks off this Sunday in Melbourne, Australia, with the Australian grand Prix. Nico Rosberg won the race last year on his way to coming second in the driver's championship, and he'll be looking for a successful start to 2015 again. 

Qualifying: Saturday, 2 a.m. ETRace: Sunday, 1 a.m. ET

The Numbers Behind Renault's 2015 Power Unit

Mercedes power dominated the 2014 Formula One season and powered Mercedes AMG Petronas to both a driver's and constructor's championship. Renault lagged behind for most of the year and only challenged with Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo.

On Wednesday, Renault released some interesting numbers regarding their 2015 power unit and how it compares to last year's. Right off the bat managing director Cyril Abiteboul said "last year we went to Melbourne in a very different frame of mind, but in 2015 we are much happier in our own skin." Renault will be looking to close the gap to Mercedes this year.

Lotus Is Switching To Mercedes Power At The Right Time

On Friday, Romain Grosjean said that he believes the 2015 season "will be very much about reminding people how good Lotus F1 Team and Romain Grosjean can be." This comes after a disastrous previous season that saw Lotus only pick up ten points in the constructor's championship.

Sorry, Will Power: You Probably Won't Win the 2015 Championship

Will Power won the 2014 IndyCar championship. A great feat, sure, but repeating it this year would be something really remarkable.

Which IndyCar Driver Takes the Twitter Checkered Flag?

Drivers, start your fingers!

Twitter has become the primary source for all sorts of people to connect with each other. With 140 characters, you can send out your thoughts in an instant along with pictures, videos, and links to websites or anything, really.

This means of communication has become especially powerful for celebrities and athletes, including IndyCar drivers. The ability to respond to others' tweets is easy and fast, connecting the fan and driver together. But which IndyCar driver is harnessing this power the best? We took a look at current IndyCar drivers and their Twitter profiles to see who is getting the most following on Twitter.  

Pirelli Stick With Same Compounds as 2014 for Australia

Pirelli, the official tire supplier of Formula One, announced the tire nominations for the first four races of the 2015 season earlier today.

For the Australian grand Prix, Pirelli has nominated the soft compound (yellow markings) and the medium compound (white markings) for use. This is the same choice of tires that were used during last year's race.